Thursday, March 31, 2011



You bought a sofa that, in the store looks astonishing and you loved it. A special color, a soft and pleasant fabric… In one word, a good investment! But when bringing it a home you realize it just doesn’t fit, the color is too flashy, the carpet is not visible anymore and even the room looks darkened all of a sudden.

Don’t even think of throwing it away or of buying another one! You can get rid of the little imperfections and make your new piece of furniture earn its well-deserved place within the harmony of your house.

It is not such an uncommon problem as it might seem at first. Surely, in the sore, looking at the couch from an appreciable distance, you couldn’t tell it has a color that doesn’t work in your house. Now, after you actually see it brought here, from less then 2 feet, you that the color kinda aggresses you and your eyes even hurt a little …

The first thing you have to do is to change or to bring some harmony among the colors of the objects around the couch. you can paint the wall behind the couch in a tone of color a little bit lighter that its color, giving the sofa this way a change of loosing itself in the scenery.

Also, you can use decorative pillows or some kind of covering to go on the sofa and which have the same color as the sofa does, only a little lighter. Thrown at random or carefully arranged, these will soften the sharp color that troubles you so much.

There are two ways to get a cover for the sofa, you can either buy one or have one done and specially delivered for that trouble- full sofa.

The specially made cover will confer a more clean and elegant aspect, being precise for your couch, done to your specifications. Plus, it will neither alter the line nor the shape of the sofa, if anything, it will empower it. The only disadvantage is that the special made one will be more expensive that the one that can be bought, causing you to invest more money in “The Sofa”…

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Replace Sofa Cushions and Back Pillows

How to replace sofa cushions and Back Pillows

Have you ever wondered what exactly is up with replace sofa cushions? This informative report can give you an insight into everything you've ever wanted to know about replace sofa cushions.

If you don't have accurate details regarding replace sofa cushions, then you might make a bad choice on the subject. Don't let that happen: keep reading.

When the "bones" of your sofa is in excellent condition but the back cushion and pillow has seen better days, replace your sofa cushions to make your sofa is better than before. Choose a durable fabric upholstery that coordinates with other parts of the furniture and decor. Buy high-density foam, press and field change over the pillows and cushions.

Things you need:
  • High density foam, 4-5 inches thick
  • Hit
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Electric Knives
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Straight pins

The Disassembly
  1. Unpack your couch cushions and pillows in the back. Remove the stuffing and roll the cover inside out.
  2. Purchase the same type of padding and foam used in pillows and pillow behind if they are not in good condition. If they can be reused, use it again.
  3. Throw them in the wash or refresh them with a good cleaning using cleaning upholstery inside.
  4. Throw them in the dryer or to arrange them in the covered area outside to air dry.
  5. Use the old cover as a template or pattern for the new fabric.
Cutting Section
  1. Put the long piece of foam to a new foam and trace the outline them to the new foam with a permanent marker.
  2. Cut each piece along a line through the bubbles in the electric knife. Adjust each side cushion.
  3. Spread a new cloth on the work surface and fold to create two layers.
  4. Put an old sofa cushion and back cushion fabric cover. Mark the outline of it 1 inch from the edge of the old to the new fabric cover fabric markers, permanent markers or just a straight line with a pin.
  5. The new cut along all lines.
New sewing Covers
  1. Following the same pattern with the old pillow covers. Lay a piece of fabric with right sides together and pin around the edge of the fabric. Sew the zipper along the back seam if the original cover is a zipper. Try recycling old zipper and sew them on the new cover.
  2. Cut the extra fabric at any angle between the coating and the edge of the fabric. The fabrics tend to be near each other in the corners.
  3. Press flat lining and then turn the cover inside out.
  4. Stuff pillows and cushions Back Seat
  5. Match each piece of foam to cushion the right.
  6. Push the foam seat cushion all the way into every corner. Smooth fabric cover over the foam.
  7. Stuff pillow back cover with the same type of original entries. Push the stuffing evenly around the cover to the back cushion has a good shape.
  8. Sew the zipper opening zipped closed or closed. Place a new seat cushions and back cushions in your couch.
I hope that reading the above information was both enjoyable and educational for you. Your learning process should be ongoing--the more you understand about any subject, the more you will be able to share with others.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Updating Your Sofa Cushions

Cushion covers are washable easily.This factor is one to consider when your sofa is likely to be used more often, you should consider to buy sofa cushion covers that are durable and will likely last longer.A sofa set can be expensive and in order to protect your investment, you can make use of sofa cushion covers in order to protect the original cover of your couch.The quality of the furniture set you will buy is an ultimate consideration if you want to make a worthy investment and to offer your family the best comfort they deserve.Most of us oftentimes are getting tired to look at our sofa set with its worn out covers and drab, dirty look.Covers for covers are great option when you intend to bring a make over on the look of your chairs or to redecorate your home furniture without adding burden on your pocket.How we wish we could do something about changing the furniture into a new one but we are often short of the budget.

This will give you the impression of having a different seat quite often because you can keep changing how the furniture will look.You should know that you have a very practical option of changing the old, dirty, look of your sofa.The trick is to buy a new designer cushion cover to give your couch that glow of a new set of furniture that gives the impression of being a new one.Make use of the sofa cushion covers for an affordable means of giving your couch a make over minus the expensive cost of buying a new sofa set.You can also enjoy a versatile look of your couch as you can change the cushion covers as often as you like.Buying quality sofa covers only requires minimal investment.Cushion covers are available in different shades, designs, styles, and sizes making shopping more fun with the many options that you can enjoy when buying them.Always consider that the family always spends time with the sofa most of the time.They are perfect in hiding the old look of the furniture along with the wear and tear its fabrics sustained over the years of prolonged use.They are more affordable and inexpensive as compared to buying a new set of a sofa for your room.They are not hard to maintain and it keeps the furniture clean.You can regain the new look of your sofa by looking for some decorative covers that can bring back the life and elegance of your couch.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Planting Yourself on Green Soy Foam Sofa Cushions

A day in the not too distant, when we wear our habits sofa cushions, how can we go there to farm defend ourselves in our backyard, the beans in a few .... and voila - soy foam sofa cushions? Well, we probably still need some help from the manufacturer of foam sofa and all that fancy equipment, but the exciting news is becoming more green foam from year to year! Green foam instead of oil-based foam, really? Yes ... continue reading.

As long as we can remember, foam manufacturers have relied on petroleum products as their main ingredient. Oil polyol based on the core of almost every pillow in the world when talking about the flexible foam. Well, the last decade, because the cost has risen with oil, foam manufacturers should look to the new building blocks for foam .... it does not happen overnight, but BiOH polyol to hit the scene.

A few years back, a superstar corporate agriculture, Cargill of Minnesota, along with Pittsburgh State University in Kansas Polymer Research Center (KPRC) worked together to develop an important building block for a green foam. Commercial soy-based polyol. The United Soybean Board (USB) are supported and promoted research and development of soybean polyols as they have the desire to assume this material as part of eco-friendly furniture.

After this new era of soy polyol is innovation, Cargill turned to Hickory Springs has long been known as an innovator and supplier of furniture components. With all the experience of Hickory, they can really test soy foam building block and compare it with the petrochemical durability and compatibility of furniture. Foam analysis determined that replacing a portion of petrochemical-based polyol with a soy can now do is similar to traditional polyurethane foam - which is usually measured by the speed of foam damage.

After more than 50 years of manufacturing foam, Hickory Springs has now become a distributor of commercial polyurethane flexible foam that is now based in part on soy-based polyol. Types of environmentally friendly soy foam furniture can now be made by replacing up to 20% oil-based polyol with soy sauce!

So with all the consumer AND furniture manufacturers look for new ways and creative ways to bring green products home furniture, soy-based foam should be considered and discussed at least when looking for a custom sofa cushion green or even a car!

Yes, I know ... old furniture industry. Boring furniture industry. Furniture industry is not in the mood .... But guess what, we also "semi - green" thanks to eco-friendly push from the community and consumers looking for a better choice for our planet - will continue to push us - we get it .. .. finally.

Pro for Green Soy-Based Foam -

* BiOH polyol to produce high quality foam and require large amounts of renewable energy is less - it makes less global warming emissions

* Just to test the injury in the traditional foam products Conduct

* Soy products supports the U.S. agricultural community

* The price ultimately will be less as the cost of petroleum continues to increase

Green Soy foam con for -

* Some of the reported odor and is discouraging to put the content higher in the current soybean polyol foam production

* Cost is slightly higher

* Not 100% green product (some things though, so it's a start!)

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