Friday, February 18, 2011

Planting Yourself on Green Soy Foam Sofa Cushions

A day in the not too distant, when we wear our habits sofa cushions, how can we go there to farm defend ourselves in our backyard, the beans in a few .... and voila - soy foam sofa cushions? Well, we probably still need some help from the manufacturer of foam sofa and all that fancy equipment, but the exciting news is becoming more green foam from year to year! Green foam instead of oil-based foam, really? Yes ... continue reading.

As long as we can remember, foam manufacturers have relied on petroleum products as their main ingredient. Oil polyol based on the core of almost every pillow in the world when talking about the flexible foam. Well, the last decade, because the cost has risen with oil, foam manufacturers should look to the new building blocks for foam .... it does not happen overnight, but BiOH polyol to hit the scene.

A few years back, a superstar corporate agriculture, Cargill of Minnesota, along with Pittsburgh State University in Kansas Polymer Research Center (KPRC) worked together to develop an important building block for a green foam. Commercial soy-based polyol. The United Soybean Board (USB) are supported and promoted research and development of soybean polyols as they have the desire to assume this material as part of eco-friendly furniture.

After this new era of soy polyol is innovation, Cargill turned to Hickory Springs has long been known as an innovator and supplier of furniture components. With all the experience of Hickory, they can really test soy foam building block and compare it with the petrochemical durability and compatibility of furniture. Foam analysis determined that replacing a portion of petrochemical-based polyol with a soy can now do is similar to traditional polyurethane foam - which is usually measured by the speed of foam damage.

After more than 50 years of manufacturing foam, Hickory Springs has now become a distributor of commercial polyurethane flexible foam that is now based in part on soy-based polyol. Types of environmentally friendly soy foam furniture can now be made by replacing up to 20% oil-based polyol with soy sauce!

So with all the consumer AND furniture manufacturers look for new ways and creative ways to bring green products home furniture, soy-based foam should be considered and discussed at least when looking for a custom sofa cushion green or even a car!

Yes, I know ... old furniture industry. Boring furniture industry. Furniture industry is not in the mood .... But guess what, we also "semi - green" thanks to eco-friendly push from the community and consumers looking for a better choice for our planet - will continue to push us - we get it .. .. finally.

Pro for Green Soy-Based Foam -

* BiOH polyol to produce high quality foam and require large amounts of renewable energy is less - it makes less global warming emissions

* Just to test the injury in the traditional foam products Conduct

* Soy products supports the U.S. agricultural community

* The price ultimately will be less as the cost of petroleum continues to increase

Green Soy foam con for -

* Some of the reported odor and is discouraging to put the content higher in the current soybean polyol foam production

* Cost is slightly higher

* Not 100% green product (some things though, so it's a start!)

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