Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Replace Sofa Cushions and Back Pillows

How to replace sofa cushions and Back Pillows

Have you ever wondered what exactly is up with replace sofa cushions? This informative report can give you an insight into everything you've ever wanted to know about replace sofa cushions.

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When the "bones" of your sofa is in excellent condition but the back cushion and pillow has seen better days, replace your sofa cushions to make your sofa is better than before. Choose a durable fabric upholstery that coordinates with other parts of the furniture and decor. Buy high-density foam, press and field change over the pillows and cushions.

Things you need:
  • High density foam, 4-5 inches thick
  • Hit
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Electric Knives
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Straight pins

The Disassembly
  1. Unpack your couch cushions and pillows in the back. Remove the stuffing and roll the cover inside out.
  2. Purchase the same type of padding and foam used in pillows and pillow behind if they are not in good condition. If they can be reused, use it again.
  3. Throw them in the wash or refresh them with a good cleaning using cleaning upholstery inside.
  4. Throw them in the dryer or to arrange them in the covered area outside to air dry.
  5. Use the old cover as a template or pattern for the new fabric.
Cutting Section
  1. Put the long piece of foam to a new foam and trace the outline them to the new foam with a permanent marker.
  2. Cut each piece along a line through the bubbles in the electric knife. Adjust each side cushion.
  3. Spread a new cloth on the work surface and fold to create two layers.
  4. Put an old sofa cushion and back cushion fabric cover. Mark the outline of it 1 inch from the edge of the old to the new fabric cover fabric markers, permanent markers or just a straight line with a pin.
  5. The new cut along all lines.
New sewing Covers
  1. Following the same pattern with the old pillow covers. Lay a piece of fabric with right sides together and pin around the edge of the fabric. Sew the zipper along the back seam if the original cover is a zipper. Try recycling old zipper and sew them on the new cover.
  2. Cut the extra fabric at any angle between the coating and the edge of the fabric. The fabrics tend to be near each other in the corners.
  3. Press flat lining and then turn the cover inside out.
  4. Stuff pillows and cushions Back Seat
  5. Match each piece of foam to cushion the right.
  6. Push the foam seat cushion all the way into every corner. Smooth fabric cover over the foam.
  7. Stuff pillow back cover with the same type of original entries. Push the stuffing evenly around the cover to the back cushion has a good shape.
  8. Sew the zipper opening zipped closed or closed. Place a new seat cushions and back cushions in your couch.
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